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Advertising Reaches the Office.

Boost Visibility & Sales.

Gabi Views Private Business Communication Network

  • Industry disruptive technology
  • Guaranteed viewership
  • 100% user initiated
  • 1 million+ views per month
  • Local, regional and national reach available
  • Monthly subscriptions include detailed data reports

Gabi Views Introduces an Untapped Market Channel.

Here is How it Works…

Employee Initiates a Print Job

Employee initiates a job on the copier — print, fax, copy or print — using Gabi app voice or touch command.

Ad Displays as Job Prints

As employee waits for job to be produced and complete, a 10-second ad is viewed on their device (phone or machine console).

Job Completes - Ad Ends

Once the job is finished, the ad ends. Each time a job is initiated a new ad circulates and appears on the screen.


The Facts

Gabi Ad Subscription Service

  • Private ad distribution network
  • Supports 1 Million Ad Views Per Month
  • CTR = 100% (employee initiated)
  • Retention Rate = 100%
  • Purchase in increments of 1000 views (impressions)
  • Experiential Video Ads
  • Monthly or Quarterly Auto Renews
  • Industry Specific or General Audience Subscriptions Available
  • Ad perfomance analytics reporting provided

Viewership Demographics

  • 100,000+ Employed Workforce
  • Workforce Viewer Ages: 18 to 65
  • Viewer Annual Income Range: $50,000 to $500,000
  • 8900+ locations nationally
  • Growing 17% per year
  • Dedicated Ad Sales Force
  • No Private Information Collected

Examples of Industries Served

















Monthly Subscription
Includes Metrics Reports

  • Actual Number of Views by ad
  • Country, Region and Region
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Industry

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